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My Favorite Holiday Gifts to Give

First, I think what everyone wants is TIME. Time to yourself but time with loved ones. So, the best gift you can give is Selfcare and Time. Remember I said the blog wouldn't be all healing and growing at times it would be fun so who doesn't love to give a gift or get a gift.

#1 I recommend for you and to give is INSIGHT TIMER. You can use the free service or give the gift for the year with added content as well as being able to take course work. They have 10-40 day classes that are from just a few minutes a day to longer. I loved the vision board I took this year and also a creative writing. INSIGHT TIMER is a game changer get it today!

#2 Books... I think they make great gifts you can give hard copies or you can give the gift of Audible. Sometimes I will use both versions for a book so I can listen to and read. For me there is nothing like turning pages of a book. If it is a book, I will want reference then I also get a hard copy to highlight and underline want really hits home.

Here are a few of my favorites this year:

#3 Candles... I LOVE candles. I love to give them, get them and burn them. I have a cabinet just for them. You can add them to a gift or give a bigger one. I don't like the ones from Bath and Body as they have a very cheap synthetic oil in them that I have heard is toxic...eek. Someone can let me know if I am wrong or these others might have also but here are a few of my favorites.

#4 I love anything for the face. I guess that comes from 35 years in the cosmetic industry. I could go one for days what I love to use maybe that will be for another day, but I think this steamer for the face is a great gift.

#5 I always think a nice gift card for a Mani and Pedi is a nice gift. If you want it t

o be special everyone loves a spa pedicure from a nice hotel.

#6 Apple TV is a nice gift for a man or family. There are shows you can only get on Apple like The Morning Show or Ted Lasso so fun! or if you want to get a steaming service you could go with HBOMAX. There is also the Fire Stick from Amazon. We have that in guest bedrooms, also great for college student.

#7 I think a cozy throw is perfect. you can even create a basket with that and candle or add some popcorn. This one from Nordstrom I have and have given it comes in a lot of colors and can arrive before Christmas or you can pick up in store. its only $39.50 right now.

#8 Harry and David Pears. This time of year they are the best and you can you don't need to package them up.

#9 WINE who doesn't love wine or champagne. I think they make a great gift or add to your candle to create and experience. The Prisoner Red Blend is a great wine that feels it should cost a lot more than $28.

#10 SLIPPERS... I love slipper yes I'm like an old lady but I love them. UGG makes a great one or if you like cute and pretty these are from Amazon so cute and only $25.

Happy gift giving and receiving

Happy Holidays!!!


*Click link to purchase: for Amazon I am an associate

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