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What 2021 Has Given to Me

So many times, we think about the negative… What we didn’t do this year, what we have lost, how we didn’t work out as much as we should, how we gained weight, projects we didn’t do, books we didn’t read, places we didn’t go. But what if we just sat and thought about all the positive things we got out of the year or experienced? What if we looked back and reflected on all the positive and great moments?

That is how I’m going to move forward with remembering 2021 and as I plan my vision and manifest for 2022 it won’t be about diet or exercise (let’s face it I always have that as my goal and at end of the year and it isn’t what I planned for) but I want to think about positive change or ways I want to grow and continue to heal.

I haven’t been on a scale in 6 months and you know what it is liberating! Listen we know when our clothes are a little tight or we have a muffin top over our pants 😊 but really, it’s about being healthy! I have been on the battle with weight for 35 years. Don’t get me wrong I want to look and feel good but I’m not going to worry about 5-10 lbs. anymore! I can go up 5 or down 5. I want to live and enjoy my life! Ok I’ve gone down the rabbit hole

Back to what 2021 gave me.


Time to self-reflect…

Time to learn…

Time to heal…

Time to take a deep look at what makes me happy.

What I want my purpose to be. I had time to have some deeper connections with people. New friends and old friends. Connect on a deeper level. I don’t want superficial relationships anymore. I want authentic connections! Listen I still want to have fun, I just don’t want the gossip, BS and trying to compete with the women down the street to be the connection. I looked and found a deeper love for myself. It always starts with US.

You want love…love yourself first.

You want friends… be a friend to yourself first.

You want peace and joy… work on it for yourself first. Mediate, journal, READ. Slow down and as they say take time to smell the roses TODAY as you don’t know what or if there will be a tomorrow.

Between the end of 2019 and now I have had some really big changes and let’s not forget the pandemic. This was my year to dig in deep and find my peace, joy, and purpose. It’s hard work to look inward, dig up old hurts to let them go and start to heal. To say I’m sorry, to hold boundaries to protect my peace, to say no I can’t do that.

So go on that trip, say no I can’t do that, end the relationship or friendship that doesn’t bring both of you to a better place, find a new job that is healthy for your soul. Focus on your mental health and find self-care. My beautiful friend and Reiki master Deb always says “Be the ripple it all starts with you” thanks Deb for always reminding me of this.

In the end we only have ourselves. Focus on your journey not others journey. Stay in your lane don’t worry about all the other cars and how fast, slow or fancy they are.

Good-bye 2021 thank you for all you have given to me and well hello 2022 it’s going the great!

Here are some books I recommend

Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown


Vision Board: Find Your Purpose & Achieve Your Goals

Living Your Most Creative Life

XOXO, Megan


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