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My name is Megan, I’m adopted and on a journey to find and heal myself and in return to help others.

After 35 years in cosmetic industry, I left in the midst of a pandemic and all of the changes in the industry was experiencing. At the same time, my mother passed away. This pushed me to look inward and sent me on a path to find peace, happiness and joy.

This site and blog are dedicated to all things that I have true passion for.

My hope is you can find something that speaks to you to push yourself to find your peace, joy and happiness.

My favorite quote from Maya Angelou is...
“When you know better you do better “




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DivineChoices Favorite Mantras

~Everyday repeat: thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever - Zen Master Sono

~I am attracting great opportunities in my life

~I choose love and gratitude

~My positive thoughts lead me to love, happiness, health and prosperity



DivineChoices Favorite Quotes

~When you know better you do better - Maya Angelou


~She believed she could… so she did


~I am not my thoughts. I do not have to believe my thoughts. - Tara BachTrue


~Belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are, it requires you to Be Who You Are. - Brene Brown


~Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oprah Winfrey


~To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist, that is all - Oscar Wilde




My sweet baby girl Lola who brings me so much love, joy and companionship through some of my darkest days.

She is a 10-year-old miniature schnauzer and she has never met a person she didn’t like… maybe a few dogs.




Reflecting The Light

For healing in its different modalities including sound healing, spiritual companionship, spiritual healing and Reiki. In person or Zoom.


RedTail Creative Company

CJ offers the perfect mix of Creative Services + Intuitive Coaching - Guiding. If you're ready to develop a new business, product, service or project, CJ will help you explore and distill your ideas…then support you with the homework and resources needed to eliminate the overwhelm and stress that often keeps good ideas from becoming a reality.