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  • Megan Harman

Me and My Meditation

I’m on a soul’s journey….

What does this mean? I am working to find my sense of self.

I really love this quote from Oscar Wilde.

Megan's Mediation Nook
Meditation Nook

To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all.

I want to live! To do that I had to start to look inward. How do I even begin to do that after 50 plus years? I guess it’s like an onion you have to start to peel back the layers.

The first thing I wanted to do was to add a daily meditation practice to my life. I had tried over a few years, but was never able to keep it up. I always had excuses. Not enough time, distractions, and if everything wasn’t perfect, I couldn’t focus. When the pandemic hit there were no more excuses. They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Well, I had that now, didn’t I?

We were on a work from home for a least 30 days. So, I put it on my to do list. I use to live by list, if it wasn’t on my list, I almost couldn’t do it. I had such control issues. I’m working on that as well and it is going much better. (at least I think so we would have to ask my husband) I also no longer have that crazy controlling list going which has given me a freedom. Don’t get me wrong I still have list, shopping or to do to keep me organized, but not that daily time activated list. Anyone remember Franklin Covey planners? I think it was great at the time, but when I think now it was so controlling.

Anyway, back to meditation. There is a lot of talk around mediating and how it can improve your life. Over a thousand scientific studies have been done on the effectiveness of meditation. One of the study’s results found it makes your brain several years younger. Google it!

I had listened to a pod cast and someone said start your day before you even get out of bed. Well, I can do that I love my bed. I found this amazing app called Insight Timer. A teacher that has a soothing voice said you can do this morning meditation laying down in bed. It’s 10 minutes and sets your intentions for the day and helps to feel grounded. I was hooked! It’s now in my daily practice in the morning. I no longer meditate in bed. Insight Timer has 100,000 free meditations, course work and music. It is free or you can upgrade for around $60 for the year that’s $1.16 a week. If it’s not in your budget as I said they do offer it for free just less access. They have course work and have taken several of them. Setting up your vision board to creative writing all with the base of the course around meditation. It has been so life changing for me.

My morning looks like this;

  • Get up feed Lola, make husbands lunch and make my coffee. Light my candle and burn my Palo Santo. Sit in my spot.

Tips: Find your spot, set up a quite area. I think you should have some of your favorite things. I have my journal, peaceful candle (scent not too strong) Palo Santo and crystals. Also, I find if I use headset it helps. *Palo Santo helps clear out negative energy. It also smells amazing.

I then open my app to find a meditation that speaks to me. It could be one I have already done or a new one. What do I need today or what do I need to strengthen today? Some days it is harder than others to just sit still, but that is the day I need it more. Some days I will do 2 of them. It’s not about NOT thinking it is about letting go of your thoughts. Focus on your breath… Give your brain a break. Then I will listen to some music from Insight Timer and write in my journal or just write. I will also read after meditation. I could be there for 30 minutes or a few hours it depends what I have going on for the day.

Everyone has 10 minutes in a day. If you look at some of the most successful people they meditate. We all make time for what we want to. For me this was one of the first ways that helped me pull back layers of the onion and look deep inside.

I hope this inspires you to try even start with 2-5 minutes a day. Remember it takes 30 days plus to create a new habit.

XOXO, Megan

*These are my findings. Insight Timer is not paid endorsement


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