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  • Megan L Shiffra

Gratitude for the Great Fullness of life

In today's fast-paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in our own expectations and assumptions about how life should be. We often forget to appreciate the simple moments and blessings that are right in front of us. But when we let go of those expectations and assumptions, we open ourselves up to a greater sense of gratitude for the fullness of life.


In our current read, "Wake Up, GratefulThe Practice of Taking Nothing for Granted," by Kristi Nelson we are reminded of the importance of being present and appreciating all that we have. The book challenges us to wake up each day with a grateful heart, recognizing the beauty and abundance that surrounds us. Even if it’s just reminding us to be grateful that we woke up and are alive for another day on this earth. It really is a guidebook, something you only need to read one to two pages a day to get so much out of it. Keep it by your nightstand, or even in the kitchen.


I love the quote “It’s not happiness that makes us grateful. It’s gratefulness that makes us happy.”


In our latest podcast episodes of The Woo Woo Chicks, we delve deeper into the concept of gratefulness and share our own experiences of trying to cultivate a mindset of gratitude. We discuss how we have learned to let go of expectations and embrace the present moment, finding joy in the small things that often go unnoticed. It isn’t always easy, but there’s always something that we can find even in our darkest days to be grateful for.


As we reflect on our own journeys towards greater gratefulness, we are reminded of the power of letting go and opening ourselves up to the fullness of life. By releasing our preconceived notions of how things should be, we are able to see the world with fresh eyes and appreciate the richness of every moment. Control has always been one thing that I continue to work on. I believe it stems from my childhood, and the sense of abandonment I felt. Wanting to control my surroundings around me helped me to feel I could avoid that scenario again. read my post "Let it go" But we are reminded that we waste time simply worrying about things that could happen, that might never happen and lose moments of joy in the process.


So, as we continue on our path towards a more grateful existence, we invite you to join us in embracing the Great Fullness of life. Let go of expectations and assumptions and open yourself up to the beauty and blessings that are all around you. Wake up, grateful, and watch as the world transforms before your eyes.


Read the book, listen to the episodes on the podcast, and continue to follow along on my journey to heal, connect, and find inner peace in the hopes you find something for yourself along the way.


Question/thoughts to ponder:


What are some obligations or responsibilities in your life you would like to feel more grateful about?


I love how she says stop saying, “I have to” and rephrase it to “I get to”


How could being more awake to what you appreciate serve your life?



The next book up is Good vibes, Good life, how self-love is the key to unlocking your gratefulness by Vex King


Thank you for taking the time to read my writing I am grateful for it!

Please reach out if you want to connect!

I wish you love, peace and joy.




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