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  • Megan Harman

Let It Go....

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Wow it has been a few months of closures and opening of doors!

It is amazing what happens when you have the courage and patience to ask for what you want and then….. Let it GO.

Let it go off to the universe with love. Release it! Stop trying to control things. (message to myself)

I have always tried to control things, my environment, my schedule, trying to think of everything that can happen so I’m “ready” for anything. What I now know is most of this comes from being adopted. This is a classic trait of adoptees. It can come because of the worries and or fears of abandonment. So, if we control everything than we won’t be left again or put in a situation that we don’t feel loved or supported. I now know what’s going to happen because “I am controlling it”

It is an ongoing work in progress to let go of the pain of abandonment and loss of my first mother. I send love to my birth mother and everyone who played a part in my adoption story. It is something I have to do daily as the pain can at times creep back in. Click here to read on that.

I also think some of my upbringing helped push my control into overdrive. To read some of that click here.

I was tired! That is a lot of extra energy that I have been using for 50+ years to give me the feeling of safety. I have been working really hard on trying not to be as controlling. I know it’s better but not perfect. Hard to break a habit you have had for that long.

In Letting Go and just asking for what I want from the universe I have found wonderful things! First, I am happier!

Beautiful things and people have come in and back into my life. Some have left my life. New beautiful nurturing relationships have happened. I feel more love and support than I ever have. I know I now have people who truly want what is best for me and support me on my journey of healing. People who see me for who and what I am! People who push me to be better and do better. I am finding my TRIBE! My tribe of people I know if I fall down, they will pick me up. People who will push me to do better and be better. People who see things I don’t see in myself but encourage me. A partner who is my soul mate and has given me the greatest gift I have ever been given the time to worry about nothing but to heal and go on my journey to find my true self. I am so grateful for all my tribe who have and continue to support me!

It is hard work over the last few years but reiki, spiritual guidance, meditation, journaling, writing, and most of all love has helped me to Let Go!

Every day isn’t perfect with these things but “When you know better you do better” my favorite quote from Maya Angelou.

What all of this shows me is that when I let go, I get exactly what I want and need even if it takes some time.

If you are lost or in pain, try letting go of what’s holding you back from releasing you to be the best version of your true self.

Every day is a new day to learn and grow! I am a work in progress and learning so much about who I am and who and what I want in my life to support my growth.

I meditate, read, journal, listen to healing music every day to support this. These practices don’t always come easy everyday but once you put them in place you will see amazing things start to happen.

It can be as little as 20-30 for all of them. A 5-10 meditation, 5-10 minutes of writing while listening to healing music and 10-20 min every day at least of reading something that is supporting me on my journey.

You can also listen to a book while driving or music. It’s about prioritizing your growth.

Think about how much time your children spend learning in school. Even as adults we need to continue to learn.

Do one thing every day to set you on your journey.

Here are some books and meditations I have been using. Look on my website for more resources of people, books, and meditations that have helped me.


Book: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

Music: Insight Timer Magic In 528Hz

As always please feel free to share or repost. You can grab link at bottom of blog.

Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy!



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