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Big Magic

Now that is not my title it is the title of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book that was my book of the month for January 2022. Let me tell you about my Big Magic experience that led me to this blog, website, and writing a children’s book. Clearly nothing in my life, I have ever thought about before.

Liz talks about creative living she asked the question. “Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hiding within you?”

I had no idea that what was causing my fear was actually going to lead me to my Big Magic.

As you know I have struggled for years with my adoption and my identity. (To read my adoption blog click here) I have tried to dig in and learn or uncover but I was lead down wrong paths (or what I know now was a path to teach me lessons)

I think it has always been there that I should write as when I would tell people about some of my life stories they would always say “you need to write a book” but I always thought it was stupid how can I write? I never took a writing class in my life, I am a terrible speller, and I am slightly dyslexic. Back to the false narrative that I told myself for as long as I can remember that “I am not good enough.”

Question…. Why don’t we get as mad at ourselves for those negative words we tell ourselves? We would be done or tell someone off if they said those things to us. We most certainly wouldn’t be around that negative energy but yet we continue to hear it from ourselves. What if we said more positive, loving and kind things to ourselves and less negative? What if we said wow, you look amazing not, I’m fat or this makes me look terrible? BUT…. I am enough, I am smart, I am happy, I have enough vs the other negative self-doubt. Let’s try it! Stop and try it now.

So back to the writing and what I told myself.

No, writing isn’t going to happen I really didn’t even like writing in my journal because of these things.

But maybe that’s what makes it all the more special and authentic!

Liz talks about her big magic moment of meeting someone that she was drawn to but not sure why. I had that also happen, but my meeting would be facilitated by someone (Cathy) who I had very small interactions for many years with but had just gotten closer to and my other facilitator sweet Lola.

I had been out of town spreading my mother’s ashes on her twin and parent’s gravesites and Lola was with my ex. She had suddenly become very sick and in the hospital. They weren’t sure what was wrong with her but after a few days I could bring her home while waiting for more testing to come back. I was very worried; she is my everything. She has been with me though my darkest days. She’s, my girl!

I went about my normal days but had such fear and worry as she wasn’t really getting much better. My beautiful friend Cathy was working out with me and said, “what is happening I can feel something is wrong.” Now that’s a friend someone who can see and feel then wants to help. I told her about Lola, and she said I think she need reiki. Now I have heard about reiki but didn’t really know much about it. She said I’m going to find someone to help you to do pet reiki. I said OK as I was open to anything.

Now the few months leading up to this time I had really been off my normal daily meditation, reading, journaling and very stressed. I had gotten totally off course and was lost in finding my inner peace and purpose. I wanted more but didn’t know what or where to look to work on finding this peace for myself.

2 days later a get a text from Cathy telling me she has found someone she has seen to do pet reiki. She gave me her website and email. I sent her an email and 6 min later (yes 6 min I looked) Deb sent the most lovey, kind and encouraging reply to help. She would come to the house to see Lola the next morning. Wow when you ask the universe for help, and you are open it comes quick!

She came for what was supposed to be 15-30 min and she was there 2 hours. She connected with Lola, but it was even more of a connection for me. It was an old friend, safety in a person I don’t think I had ever felt so quickly. Trust and love flowed out of her. She is truly one of most amazing souls I have ever had the opportunity to be around. She is someone you just want to be with! I knew I needed more time with her. Something told me she is my guide to get back on my path.

I booked time with her for myself, and she said I could bring Lola as well, but guess what the next morning Lola was more like herself and within a few days after she was fine. She had a follow up appt with her Vet later that week and they said she was perfect not really sure what had happened.

Animals have souls just like people and they can guide us. I know Lola and Cathy brought Deb to me! It has been the most life changing and healing experience I have ever had.

We talked about my life, adoption, fears how I was lost but knew I wanted and needed more. She gave me healing reiki. She said straight away I needed to write. But back with the self-doubt “but I’m not a writer I told her” I’m sure she gets a good smile when she sees something, and shares and we push back only to get to that place in the end. She has helped to guide me, encourage and plant seeds. For me she is my life coach, therapist, healer and now my friend. She is my Big Magic! She has guided me to do the work to step out of my comfort zone to WRITE to help heal myself. In return help heal and connect with others. We have for sure known each other in another life. As you know I now have a website, I write a blog and working on writing a children’s book actual a series.

Now that is BIG MAGIC!

I work every day to learn, continue healing, grow and be creative. Somedays it comes easy and somedays hard, but I stay true to my practice which has helped to guide me. (You can read some of my morning practice in my Meditation blog here)

I say if you are looking to grow, heal or find your purpose Ask Yourself “Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hiding within you?”

What do you need to do or change to find these treasures?

Deb is in Scottsdale, AZ but she can connect over zoom. I cannot recommend or say enough how she has touched me and help guide me and others I know. She is Big Magic! If you need guidance, help or healing you should check her out. She and others I recommend will be listed soon on my site under resources in the meantime find Deb Lambert at Reflecting the Light and

Wishing you Love, Peace and Healing. Go find your Creativity!

As always reach out if you want to connect or have any questions, I would love to hear from you!



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