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I Choose You

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

It’s time after working on this story for almost 2 years, more than a few re-writes, months and months working on the characters to get them just right, flowers that each have a meaning, the book is available to order! Click here

This book comes out of many years of wanting to heal myself as well as the story of me.

I Choose You comes from my adopted mother telling me after I came home from school crying from being teased/bullied about being adopted. My mother told me I was CHOSEN she picked me. She asked for an angel, and she chose ME.

I was never abandoned. My birth mother wanted more for me, and she asked for an Angel to come.

Two different women at the same time asking, praying for an Angel… and then there was me. I found this out many years later after finding my birth mother when I was 44 years old. The two stories came together after the passing of my adopted mother and finding old letters from her.

I was so wanted and chosen. As an adopted child we can’t hear this enough.

So, my journey to heal 54 years in the making comes with this book to heal myself and in return to help and heal others.

This book is about Choices, Adoption, and Love it is told through two birds a Dove and a Hummingbird. The birds come into the story after Meg who is adopted ask her mother to tell her the story of when she was born. Meg’s mom Lynda tells the story of Rose the dove and Pearl the hummingbird. How Pearl was chosen after being teased by other birds that didn’t look like her. It is a story about Love and that you should always be kind, just because something or someone looks or acts different doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them. We always have a choice!

I hope you feel the power of CHOICE and LOVE in the story as after all it is a story about LOVE.

Help spread the power of love and choices, share link, gift to someone, and leave 5-star review on amazon so it puts the book in more people’s hands. I did not write this book to make money but to help heel, connect and spread love!

As always please feel free to share or repost. You can grab link at bottom of blog.

Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy!




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