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  • Megan Harman

I Am Adopted...I Have Always Known I Was Adopted

Megan's Adoption Photo
First Photo

I had a loving mother who adopted me, but I had a sense of missing and felt there was a hole. Questions like why am I the way I am, who do I look like, where did I come from? I would push these thoughts down as how could I think these things when I was given so much.

I have been on a journey for sometime now to fill the hole and discover Who I Am. Where I came from and how I got where I am today.

This blog is part of my healing and my hope to heal or connect with others who might have feel or felt the same. It is also about connecting and sharing. It’s not just about adoption. It is at the heart about LOVE and finding my way.

It is about birth, life, death and everything in between.

I will share my adoption story… my at times un-conventual childhood and my looking to belong. The process of finding my birth mother and everything that came with that. The death of my beloved mother. My 35-year cosmetics career and some amazing crazy stories I will relive with some of my colleagues. To this present time that has brought me to writing. To become advocate for adoptees. It will be raw at times, but the more times you tell your story and are open the more healing it is for you.

On this site and in the blog, I will have all things that I connect with. Adoptee resources, books, and podcast that I love and have found helpful. There will be stories about beauty, cosmetics, health, wellness, travel, organizing things I am passionate about. Tips and tricks and sharing the people whom have helped me along the way.

I hope you will come on this journey with me. Please share your stories and if you are adopted, I would love to connect with you.

Happiness, Peace, and Joy,

XOXO, Megan

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