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My mom…

She was a twin… Lynn and Lynda. Born on Christmas Day in 1938 the first set of twins born on Christmas in that hospital so there was a write up in the newspaper.

From all of the stories I have heard from everyone they were perfect. Tall, pretty, handsome, smart, very well liked, quarter back and song leader in high school. Popular as we would say, very kind and loving. There wasn’t anyone that didn’t like them.

Lynn went off to college and my mom moved to the beach with her 2 best friends. Friends that she had until the day she died. She married before she was even 20 seems so young but that’s what they did back then.

Then a tragic day in October before their 21st birthday Lynn was killed in a car accident. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for her. They were twins together since conception. Sharing DNA, cells, the womb and 20 years together. I just don’t think back then (1959) they talked even a little bit about mental health, depression or even grief. I know my grandmother suffered and I have been told by many included my mom that she never got over it and became very fragile.

After my mom married for many years, they tried to have a child. They finally decided to adopt. For more on that and me read my other blog stories here.

I was adopted almost 8 years after Uncle Lynn died and then not 2 years after I was adopted my father left my mother. Wow the hits just kept coming for her.

She had really no material needs for anything. Wasn’t really attached to material things only people. She was a free spirit which sometimes bugged me. I felt at times this would lead to her not standing up for herself but then again “everyone is on their own journey.” She really never said a bad thing about anyone. I really don’t know if I ever even saw her mad. Maybe disappointed but not mad. She had a few things she could have been mad about for sure as everyone does but if she was, I never saw it, nor did she ever talk about it just always had a smile.

I didn’t want to make any of the same choices my mother did, but she gave me an example and encouraged me to be on my own path and whatever I did or became was perfect. She always said to me “you are right where you are supposed to be for right now. Live in the moment.” Wow I don’t think I ever really understood what she was telling me, but I do now!

She was my biggest cheerleader. Always there day or night. You never realize that once you lose your parents you lose the person or people who would have done anything for you because of their unconditional love. Most all other loves have conditions.

On Mother’s Day I think it is the best time to share a little of the story of her with you. If your mother is still here on this earth take the time to listen to what she is saying as one day she will be gone, and you will miss even the things that bugged you 😊. This picture is the last Mother's Day in 2019 that we were together. She had a mini stroke a few minutes after this picture and was never the same.

I KNOW she would be and is so proud of me and the journey I have been on. To find myself, my inner peace, my purpose, my spiritual journey to heal.

A poem my grandmother wrote about Lynda

A poem to Lynda

Lynda with your light gold hair your eyes of gray and your skin so fair you came into this world one day and made my heart so light and gay

you had such a big bright starry look just like a princess in a storybook and now you’ve grown up in a very quaint way and I love you so much more than I loved you that day.

As the Lord blessed me double on that Christmas Day with you and your brother who’s gone far away will never forget him you nor not me as he was born with you your twin was he

Mother (Edith Scrivens)

I love you mama! Happy Mother’s Day!

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