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June….. I Love June

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I love June for many reasons!

First it is my birthday month, and it seems no matter how old I get I still like to celebrate my birthday! Maybe because I like to gather people, I love close to me to feel safe and loved. I also like cake lol and it seems everyone even people you don’t know who say happy birthday they have a smile on their face when they say it. I went to Disneyland (oh and I love Disney also) on my birthday maybe 10 years ago with my niece and they gave me a button that said it’s my birthday and every employee in the park who saw me said “Happy Birthday Megan” it was fun!

I Love June because I know it is always the one day, I know my birth (first) mother is thinking about me and I am thinking about her. I think maybe I feel all the love and good energy coming to me from people.

I Loved June when I was in school because it was summer vacation! A time to stay up late or sleep in, go somewhere fun or to camp. To be a carefree child with no worries or homework.

I love June because it’s warm or should I say hot, but you get to swim and lay in the sun. I love to sunbathe the warmth on your skin and then the beautiful golden tan color my skin turns. The pretty natural highlights my hair picks up. I just always feel good when I have some color. I don’t get as much color as I use to because of the damage it can do to your skin. I do keep my face out of it, but my body loves it and I love a good tropical suntan!

I love June because it’s the halfway to Christmas (oh and I love Christmas! So does my husband so we really blow it up) In June it’s very hot in AZ but it is also a quite month as people leave town and we don’t have as many visitors so traffic is lighter, and you can get into restaurants. The monsoons start here, and I love the smell the desert has when the rain starts. It hits the sage bush and has the sweetest smell it’s like heaven. To watch the storms, roll in It’s beautiful!

This June has been busy and hard so that’s why I thought I would write about all the things I love about June and everything I’m thankful for!

I started June being sick and my back which has been bad for years was giving me problems. Then we moved into our dream house that we had been building for 18 months. Then my back got really bad after my friends gathered for my bday! I should have listened to my body, but I wanted to see everyone and have fun. I paid the price for not listening so now I have been mostly on bed rest. I think it’s almost a good thing. I had to slow down, get centered again and get back on my daily practice of meditation, reading, and writing.

That brings me to why I Love June even though it’s July now something called me to write about it maybe to remind myself of all the things I love and am grateful for. Life has a funny way of giving you lessons when you need them. Most of the time we are too busy to see them.

Do you love your birthday? Why not if you don’t? It’s your special day to celebrate what your gifts are and what you can bring to the world. Even the littlest gift you bring is something.

As you know the reason I blog and am writing a book is to not only help and heal myself but connect and help others heal. That is my special gift that I was born to give. That’s why I love my birthday even more now and celebrate it!

Oh and 4th of July is one week after my birthday, and I always say that’s when it ends, we have fireworks to send me off into the next year! I told you I like my Birthday so, I guess I have a few more days to celebrate.

I Love June! Goodbye June see you next year…hello July!

I’m grateful to you for taking your time to read my blog and follow along with me on my journey to heal and connect. I’m Grateful for the time to write, read and heal. I am grateful for TODAY as that is really all we have.

Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy!

I hope you celebrate your Birthday Big this year!



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