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prayer and the prayer chain…. lessons from my grandmother Edith

I grew up going to religious schools of all different kinds. Lutheran preschool where I remember even still how I learned to tie my shoes with cardboard shoe cut outs with laces. Public school for first grade and then we moved as I have shared in another blog to the scientology school/commune out of state. For junior high years I went to a Seventh Day Adventist school and four years at a Baptist high school. So, you can see I was exposed to many religions, but our home was not religious.

It was very spiritual; my mother was a very spiritual person much more evolved than I ever realized.

My grandmother was very religious. I can remember anytime someone was sick or needed help my grandmother would say,

“I’m going to call and put them on the prayer chain”

I think I heard her say that thousands of times. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother once we moved to the same city when I was around 9, summers, days off that my mother didn’t have and when I was sick. She would watch me until I was much older as I was afraid to stay home alone and definitely not after dark. I can remember one time my mom and stepdad went to the movies on a Saturday afternoon I was about 13. I think they maybe got something to eat after anyway it was getting dark, and they weren’t home, so I called my grandmother “Edith”, and she came to get me. My mom was a little disappointed that she found a note that she had to come pick me up. One of my many memories of the love and kindness my grandmother had. My grandmother prayed before every meal she would always include who she was praying for from the chain.

I started thinking about how you really never know what you are going to take with you from your childhood memories and what might be trauma, triggers or just bring happiness to us as we get older. Parents should remember this as you are going to have different memories then they will.

My mother and grandmother were very close. My mother lived in the house behind my grandparents for the last 12 years of their lives. Now that both my mom and grandmother are no longer alive more memories come to me, but my grandmother and the prayer chain have been speaking to me.

This is what you get when you google prayer chain….

A prayer chain is a list of people who agree to pray for a loved one during a troubled time. Prayer is among the most ancient of human practices, and to this day billions of people believe in its power. Prayer transcends religions, denominations, sects and belief systems of all kinds.

It really is the power to believe! To send positive healing energy to that person or family. It is about thinking of someone else and wanting and wishing them well.

Ask, believe, and receive.

Matthew 21:22 “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Ask. Believe. Receive.

It is the law of attraction!! You don’t have to be a religious person for it to work. You just have to put positive energy and think about something you want to happen. You do however or should be exact in what you are asking for and should be used for the good of yourself or others. (Remember the old saying "be careful of what you ask for") It is said to be clear in what you want so the universe or God whatever you believe in knows what you are asking for.

I find my time in daily meditation to be this time for me. I send daily love, peace, joy and health to not only myself but everyone even the ones who have wronged or hurt me. Remember it’s like a boomerang what you put out comes back.

So, use your prayer chain or whatever brings you to the place of peace.

Remember Ask, Believe and Receive

Thank you, grandma, for the many lessons, memories and for the prayer chain!

Resources from July

Meditation: Insight Timer 30-day Affirmation Challenge

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Wishing, and sending you Love, Peace and Joy!

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