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Why are we afraid to take ownership of our choices?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Choices, Hell Yes, and Gratitude

Choices…. We all have choices and choices have consequences.

But when I think about consequences or the word “consequences” I feel that I put “consequences” as its going to be negative. Do you do this?

But that is not true, consequences can definitely be positive.

Choices... we all have them every day from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. Part of the reason I named my site Divinechoices is for that reason, and I feel the divine power helped to set me on my path. Divine power within me and also a higher divine power so that’s why the name divinechoices in case you are wondering.

In the end it is always about choices! Choices have consequences so make good ones 😊

My birthmother/First mother made a choice for herself and me when I was born. My mom made a choice to adopt a child. Now I am making a choice for myself to do the work to heal from the wound from my birth. You can read more about that here. it is all about CHOICES

Before you get out of bed and put your feet on the ground think about how great the day is going to be, not about “all of the stuff you have to do” that is going to just stress you out.

“Whatever you put on your plate got there because you said YES to it” -Danielle Laporte

Always remember that. If it’s not a HELL YES then it should be no!

No thank you it’s not a good time for me, I am sorry I can’t commit to that right now, thank you for thinking of me but I’m going to have to pass this time. There are lots of ways to say no.

How many times have you said yes and then it’s the day before you need to do what you said yes to, and you say to yourself what the heck? Why did I say yes, and how can I get out of it? Then you end up telling a white lie to get out of what you said yes to. Or you go and are mad at yourself for wasting the time and energy. Should’ve just said no thank you, it’s not part of my journey right now.

Now a lot of people thrive on busy, thrive on saying yes, thrive on being part of something, thrive on chaos. Do you find yourself always saying yes because you’re afraid to be alone, alone with your own thoughts or missing out? Fomo it’s a real thing but really so silly what are you actually missing out of?

You’re missing out of time with yourself, time to sit and be quiet, meditate, read, journal, take a nap, be creative, take a bath. Even if you’re a busy parent you can still find time for yourself. Maybe you have to get up earlier but what if you had that extra 30 minutes to yourself wouldn’t it be worth it?

Back to Choices… Think about this It’s easier to blame someone for telling us what to do vs listening to what our heart, intuition and our soul is telling us. We become afraid of blaming ourselves if it doesn’t go right.

But what if it goes right? What if it’s amazing? Once again start thinking what could go right vs what could go wrong.

Wayne Dyer says “When You trust in yourself, You trust in the very wisdom that created you”

If you are trusting a guide, therapist, friend, or mentor, trust one that asks you questions that guides YOU to YOUR answers.

If you aren’t there to trust yourself yet, they can guide you but never give you the answer.

They can be amazing to have check ins with. You should ask yourself after being with them do you feel energized, uplifted, and overall feeling good and motivated to do the work. If you feel bad about yourself or not good enough or just bad energy after being with them, they are not your people or your guides to get you to that higher place. you can read Big Magic to hear about my guide and story.

GRATITUDE... this is the best place to help you live in the moment. What are you grateful for? Ask yourself that now.

In A Tribe Called Bliss Lori Harder talks about gratitude and how it has the power to remind you, you’re enough. Gratitude turns what we have into want we want. Every day we wake up is a good day.

Back to what my mom always told me “Sweetie you are right where you are supposed to be for right now, live in the moment” oh how I wish I would have that on a recording.

· So, ask yourself this question… what are you grateful for?

· Then take ownership of your choices

· If it’s not a YES then it’s a NO

· Set your boundaries. Live in the moment, be present in the now

I’m grateful to you for taking your time to read my blog and follow along with me on my journey to heal and connect. I’m Grateful for the time to write, read and heal. I am grateful for TODAY as that is really all we have.

I will start to include some resources that have inspired me on each blog


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Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy!



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