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You are right where you are supposed to be for right NOW

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

My mother (Lynda) told me this many times in my life.

When I was sad, going through a challenging time, through my divorce, and breakups. I knew what she was saying but didn’t always understand or want to hear it. I hear it Now Mom! I understand and what great wisdom that was. Thank you for always trying to show me the way.

My book this month was The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle I’m sure some of you have read it as it has sold over 5 million copies. It is deep and a lot to take in but so powerful and although it’s been out since 1997, my mother told me this far before that. I am reminded that she was far more evolved than I realized.

All we really have is this moment, the present moment. That is why they call it a gift. We have all heard that, but do we believe it? Do we live that way?

There is so much depression and anxiety now partly because I think it’s diagnosed the right way or maybe even over diagnosed? But really depression is living in the past which we can never change, and anxiety is the minds way of worrying about the future. We have no idea what the future holds for us, life is precious here one minute and gone the next. We can get so mad when we’re stuck in traffic or something delays us, I know I’m guilty of that but I’m really trying to live in the moment and understand there’s a reason why I’m delayed or why the traffic is bad. Just stay in the present moment Megan! Maybe that delay is keeping you from somewhere that would’ve caused you potential harm?

We’ve all had something happened to us maybe even a tragedy and we think if I would’ve only done this, if I would’ve left later, if I would’ve have done that. So, I try to turn that into if I’m delayed or one lane at the checkout is going slower than the other there’s a reason, the universe is delaying me for a reason. Maybe it’s as simple as to read a magazine at the checkout stand for a minute or so, chat with someone standing in the line with you, after all there are lessons everywhere if you are really living in the moment.

I shared a story on Instagram earlier this month about a connection that I had when I was checking out of Ulta. A fellow adoptee who shared she was struggling, I was able to connect with her and tell her I understood, and I heard her, share my website and my Instagram in hopes that she realizes that she’s not alone. After seeing my story, I had a friend ask how did you have such a deep connection in such a short time while you were checking out at Ulta? I said I was present, I was kind, she asked me a question I asked her a question she shared with me I shared with her and in this 3 to 4 minute time span we shared with one another. We are now friends on IG and have chatted back and forth. Its truly a gift!

This connecting is what I’m here for, it is the reason for my journey, it fills my soul and gives me purpose! I want true connections with people, anybody can have a surface relationship. Trust me I have them I just know that that’s what they are is surface.

But I want deep connections with my small tribe. We all know those people who have a million friends, a million connections but I believe the first connection you need to have is with yourself. Running around like a crazy person here and there never having any time to connect with yourself won’t bring you happiness for sure trust me I did it for a lot of years. It reminds me of the quote I’m not sure who it’s from….

“I don’t have enough time…. No, you don’t have clear priorities”

You’re not living in the moment; you’re not living in the NOW.

We’ve all heard parents say their kids grow up so fast, in a blink of an eye. This is true time goes by so fast even more the reason you need to live in the moment with your kids. Stop wishing they would be out of diapers, stop wishing they could drive themselves to school or fix their own breakfast one day soon they’ll be off to college or out of the house (God willing) and your house will be empty no signs of the pitter patter and then you will be sad and depressed because you are living in the past.

So, live in the Now!! Your life is Now. Eckhart says “You cannot be both unhappy and fully present in the NOW”

Back to what my mom always told me “Sweetie you are right where you are supposed to be for right now, live in the moment” oh how I wish I would have that on a recording. Mom, I hear you!!!!


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Wishing you Love, Peace and Joy!



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